The more viral the more sought-after, that’s how the Mixue franchise is now. Are you one of them? Don’t miss the following partnership information.

It is undeniable that the franchise business is highly sought after by businesspeople today. The Mixue Ice Cream & Tea brand is one of the brands whose outlets are spread everywhere. Now mixue outlets already exist throughout Indonesia.

One of the products featured by Mixue is ice cream and tea drinks. Not only that, they also provide other menus such as bubble tea, fruit tea, milkshakes, and other flavored drinks. Apart from favoring their beverage products, they also offer quite affordable prices.

Just how is the Mixue Franchise System?

For the franchise itself, Mixue management has an independent business system. This means partners are required to manage their own outlets or not auto-pilot from the center.

For example, management matters, licensing, taxes, promotion, and social media, but must still follow the provisions of the center. However, for prospective partners who will cooperate, there will be no more fees for royalty matters. However, every year partners will be charged a management fee.

The period of cooperation itself lasts 3 years. When extended again, partners only need to pay a management fee just like the previous years.

What are the requirements to open a Mixue Store?

There are prerequisites before opening a Mixue Outlet, including:

  1. Must have the best location and high potential.
  2. Outlets have a minimum net area of 25 square meters (without poles, stairs, or other permanent elements).
  3. Has a minimum width of 3.7 meters.
  4. The ceiling height is at least 2.7 meters.
  5. Has a minimum electrical power of 33,000 watts (3 phase)
  6. Have a good and adequate water source.
  7. For individual or business entities NPWP is for the duration of the cooperation contract.

If the building where the outlet is located requires renovation, it must use a contractor provided directly by Mixue Indonesia. The details of the renovation costs are as follows:

  • Estimated Renovation: The cost required ranges from IDR 200 million to IDR 350 million, depending on the location and condition of the shop.
  • Rental Cost of Shophouse: The cost range is IDR 75 million to IDR 150 million per year.
  • Power Up Cost up to 33,000 watts: The cost range is around IDR 30 million to IDR 50 million.

How much does a Mixue Franchise cost?

1. Mixue Franchise in Provincial Capital

Basically, the cost of the Mixue franchise depends on the location. If you are going to open an outlet in the provincial capital area, then the costs that must be incurred are approximately IDR 380 million. These costs include:

  • Management fee per year: IDR 24 million
  • Deposit: IDR 40 million
  • Training fee: IDR 3 million
  • Equipment (machine) cost: ± IDR 183 million
  • The first batch of raw materials: ± IDR 130 million

2. Mixue Franchise in City and District

For locations in cities and regencies, a fee of IDR 374 million will be charged. With a note, every year the franchise owner will be charged an application fee of IDR 2 million. Here are the details of the fees that must be paid:

  • Management fee per year: IDR 18 million
  • Deposit: IDR 40 million
  • Training fee: IDR 3 million
  • Equipment (machine) cost: ± IDR 183 million
  • The first batch of raw materials: ± IDR 130 million

3. Other Expenses

Before actually opening a franchise, you must ensure several other costs set by Mixue Indonesia. The fee is intended for surveying the store area. In addition, the survey area per point will also charge a variety of prices. Here are the details:

  • West Java and Jakarta are IDR 2 million.
  • Other provinces in Java Rp3 million.
  • Provinces outside Java Island IDR 4 million.

If you are interested in a franchise business, we are ready to help you find the right brand and suit your needs. Consult all your needs by contacting our team by clicking this link.

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